Sunday, 4 May 2008

My Personal Social Science Experiment

I have decided to post my 2005 artist statement. I am curious to see how my changing life will effect my artwork and my thoughts on life.

My art often portrays everyday objects in a non-representational manner, isolating the object from its functional purpose, in order to disturb the viewers, thus provoking the disruption of their culturally established preconceptions or assumptions.

This exploration is derived from my life experience. A multicultural background and years spent living in different countries and languages shaped me but also forced me repeatedly to throw out concepts and judgements.

The close examination of patterns to the point of losing the sense of reality pokes fun at the fact that assumptions are based on established methods and routines.

A paradox of detachment and emotional immersion can also be felt in my work. The influence of years of working as a nurse is demonstrated by a spectatorial quality in which the subjects are never directly engaged.

 However the frequent return to patterns, often with the removal of the contexts of time and place, in fact implies an inability to remove oneself emotionally, causing a loss of sense of self.

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