Sunday, 25 April 2010

To baby or not to baby?

It is funny. I had a hard time posting this because I felt that despite the fact that I was trying to complicate the issue, people would just say "oh look another baby-crazy woman".

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This work is a reflection upon the pressure that society puts upon women to have children. It is the result of a series of conversations with a friend. Both students in our thirties, we discussed how we felt that still to this day, a woman’s worth is defined by whether or not she has children. It is also reflection on the insight I have gained professionally working with women dealing with infertility and high-risk pregnancies

The thirty-five sentences present different thoughts and perspectives around the decision of having a baby. They are personal opinions or experiences but also demonstrate the way in which societal and family pressures and opinions blur the boundary between public and private life. These thoughts come from myself, family, friends and patients as well as society in general.

This video stands alone or is part of a performance. A child's birthday tiara is won during the performance to point to the way in which private matters are considered on display not necessarily with the consent of the wearer.

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