Friday, 17 June 2016

Alice Yard - Week 3 - final one :-(

My last week drew to a close and I am now back in Toronto. Last Thursday, I presented the pieces I produced in the time that I was there. I also did an artist talk, mostly presenting the work I have been doing during the 1st year of my MFA at OCADu. Thanks to everyone who came! I really appreciate it.

With the presentation done, it left a window to be more playful. I was able to shoot some more photographs but with no clear purpose at this point. I am interested to see if and how the photos I have taken will be used in the future. This is not usually my process. I don't usually take photos to see what develops out of it but rather start with the idea and take photos or do a video after. However, I have been finding lately that having an archive to dip into has been helpful as it is not always possible to do work in-situ.

In the last few days, I was able to see some more of the island with my tour guides extraordinaire Ashraph and Shalini and head over to meet Sean at his Toco casita, designed to be open to the environment. (photos below). 

I learnt a new card game! Now one may think that a new card game is not that exciting but I was reminded that sitting around the table playing games with friends and family is a pre-digital era way to spend time with people. I did this growing up but lost touch with it. 

Not forgetting about art, I did a studio visit with emerging artist Shanice Gonzales and met for lunch  Nadia Huggins, artist now living in Trinidad and co-founder of Arc Magazine. You can participate in her project Every Horizon looks the Same.

All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed my residency, sweat and all.

I produced two pieces in the time I was there and got more footage.

I re-connected with a few people and made new connections which I hope will move into the re-connect phase at some point.

I got a little taste of Trinidad and liked it. I furthered my understanding of the Caribbean region.

I feel that, with time, more things will unfold from this opportunity.

Thanks Alice Yard!

Some more Port of Spain

Gingerbread house


Electricity grows plants here!

Not very helpful

Likely much more helpful

A sugar apple, unfortunately not ripe :-((((((

Jetty by Orange Valley


Corbeaux waiting for scraps (because of Trinidad's history, there are words and names of places that are Amerindian, French, Spanish, English, Indian, African, Chinese)

Landscape and Industry

Travelling east

The winding roads and landscape of the north east coasts reminded me of Barbados.

Some words of wisdom?

All roads lead to Bachannal.

Sean Leonard's Toco house

Somehow doing dishes out a window seems nicer. 

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